The Magic Idea of Getting Rich Chinese-English Bilingual – Ebook

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More than 100 millionaires are going to reveal their secret codes, skills and steps to you!

Another great creation from the #1 Best-Selling Author of “Creating Wealth in Stock Market.”

The Magic Idea of Getting Rich reveals the success secret codes of more than 100 millionaires’ on how they create their wealth.

Before these millionaires succeeded, ordinary people cannot accept their ideas and they feel alienated and worthless. Everyone consider them weird!

After they had succeeded, everyone starts to agree with their ideas and visions and whatever they do become feasible.

I have interviewed and done some research on more than 100 millionaires regarding their secret codes of getting rich, and have recorded all inside this book.

All these codes are the secrets, skills and steps of getting rich that you would like to know!

Learn and apply these knowledge and wisdom immediately, it will lead you to a better life.

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