Saturday, February 16, 2019


What are gold stocks and how prices of gold affects them ?

Gold is know as precious metal and is used for different purposes like industrial, manufacturing, personal jewelery and more.This particular commodity is most actively traded on mcx as it is of highly liquid nature.Large number of traders rely on usage of mcx tips of market experts to ensure their good earnings here.Gold stocks are those […]

Stock Market

7 habits of a successful trader of share market

7 habits of a successful trader of share market We all know that every person did not get success only a few of them are known as a successful trader in the market. Getting success is not easy for everyone, there are few of the important qualities that make a trader successful. There are many […]

What are the best forex trading strategies ?

Forex trading is preferred by large number of traders because of its ability to offer high returns and is largest market in world.This market is open for 24 hours and traders can trade anytime they want to.Risk involved with this type of trading is also high, currency tips as recommended by experts having good knowledge […]


Gondola Shelving as Reffed in Retail Industry

Look for the phrase ‘gondola’ and you may discover why in case you talk about the phrase ‘gondola’ to those inside Venice, they might offer you credit rating and also reveal the particular supply. To be honest, the inspiration from your phrase ‘gondola’ descends from a spread boat….without a doubt, some sort of flat-bottomed motorboat […]


NQ Trader is a boutique trading school that specializes in price action futures trading. The founder of NQ Trader is Jordan Schleider. NQ Trader has been in business over five years teaching students how to trade futures and Jordan Schleider has been trading for over 30 years. Over Jordan Schleider’s many years of experience, he […]

A Short History of Shares

During the late 1500’s merchants were transporting goods from many corners of the earth for sale on the local markets of Europe and England. Financing such voyages was a risky venture as were the voyages themselves. Some ships didn’t return after mutinies, pirates, navigational mistakes, storms, and sometimes even belligerent natives took their toll. Merchants […]